Supermicro Reseller Portal

  • 26 January 2012

Supermicro customer portal site with features such as external authentication for user logins, blog, automated image gallery, dynamic URLs, dynamic RSS feeds, content tagging, and content subscriptions.

This site serves as a secure portal for Supermicro's resellers, providing them a site to easily find and download brochures and other marketing material pertinent to their business. It allows Supermicro to add and update marketing material with ease. Every piece of marketing material is tagged for easy browsing, and all marketing material lists are searchable. 

The site also provides a subscription tool allowing resellers to subscribe to pages by type and tag. This allows Supermicro to be hands-off with respect to keeping their resellers informed of marketing material updates as the site takes care of that overhead automatically. Site feeds provide another way resellers can stay on top of marketing material updates.

Lastly, the site provides a training calendar so Resellers can stay informed on all the latest hardware updates.

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