Webdrips Migration Services

There comes a time when your business needs to adapt and so does your website platform. Webdrips can manage the migration of your site on any version of Drupal to the latest Adobe AEM platform, and from the Adobe AEM 6.x platform to Drupal 7 or 8. 

CMS migrations are usually complex endeavors, regardless if the migration is to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) from Drupal or vice-versa. We feel that it's not just about moving content, which usually the more straightforward part. The real complexity is converting the site architecture, developing the functionality, and configuring the modules/components.

Drupal stores content and configuration in a database, whereas Adobe stores everything in files. Each CMS uses vastly different methods to define the architecture. 

Because migrations are typically complex, we will sit down with your stakeholders and map out a process and timeline everyone's comfortable with.

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