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  • 25 January 2012


Springsource.com was a Drupal 6 CMS-based corporate websites with features such as reusable forms, Google cross-site search, jQuery-based tabbed interfaces, events, classes, sortable tables with built in filtering, and context-sensitive menus. Editor features included guided user input forms, content moderation and workflow, and a complete editor help guide. 

Automated Form Generation & Reusable Forms

Automated forms is one of the many examples in which the power of Drupal can be harnessed to greatly benefit your content editors and site visitors. For example, when performing a review of a site map, it was discovered that over 60 webforms were being used/maintained for downloading collateral. What's worse is that all these forms needed maintenance code to synchronize the data populated in the form with a CRM platform. Plus the form had extra un-necessary fields for gathering user data that was often faked, like country, stage, zipcode, and so on.  

After the re-design, content managers could choose one of six base forms, populate the introduction text, form title, button title, and a few other places, and Drupal took care of the rest by creating a page with an embedded form and all the embedded and surrounding text. The form was also only half as large since we were able to extract geo information from the end user to populate important fields without the user being able to give false information.

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) Integration

Springsource opted to use the paid version of Google CSE, which meant they could have all the Google CSE bells and whistles without having to show the Google logo. It also gave us more complete control over the look and feel of the search. With CSE, we were able to highlight searches based on keyword patterns, and control the order of the results where desired. It also allowed a search to be performed across multiple Springsource domains and subdomains or select a single domain to search. 

Note: springsource.com is now part of VMWare, and therefore the Drupal site is no longer available.

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