Computational and Mathematical Engineering Institute

  • 04 April 2015


We provided concept to production re-design of the Stanford Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering site built on Drupal 7 using a responsive, mobile-ready theme. The new site included events, news, people profiles, maps, forms, and a intranet portal for staff, students, and faculty. 

Phase I

The first phase of the re-design project involved the following updates:

  • Adding events, news, and people page type and automated event/calendar listing pages.
  • Creating a Taxonomy for buildings with map linking, people/event types/departments.
  • Providing an Intranet portal section with different layout, images, menu links, and access restrictions for staff, students, and faculty.
  • Embedding RSVP forms into events

Phase II (In Development)

Phase II involved the addition of Student Teaching Portfolios (STP). STPs act as a hub for the student to add portfolio items, and a landing page for visitors the student wishes to have view his or her portfolio.  The portfolio section includes the following features and sections:

  1. Landing page with introductory text added by the student using a WYSIWYG editor, and links to material, videos, evaluations, and endorsements.
  2. Students moderate their own landing page. By default, landing pages are considered private, and only the student owner and ICME staff have view/edit access until the page is made public by the student owner. Student owners may also provide one or more professors with viewing privileges of their landing page. Designated professors will have permission to write an endorsements for each landing page they've been made a member of.  
  3. Endorsements are only visible to ICME staff, the professor writing the endorsement, and the student for which the endorsement was written until the professor publishes the endorsement, at which point it becomes visible to everyone. 
  4. Students were provided a dashboard to execute actions like updating their personal profile or STP.
  5. Students can embed them from YouTube or Vimeo videos on their landing page.  Students may also add PDF files and ZIP archives as separate assets.
  6. ICME staff was provided a searchable/filterable list of STPs, along with the last updated date and the proper sorting filtering so ICME can quickly determine which Students have updated their landing page, and the date it was updated.
  7. ICME website sends email to students on first login to view/edit profile and portfolio. Emails are also sent to faculty when they've been approved to write endorsements.

Transparent Agile Process

Both phases were built using a transparent Agile process with development, test, and production sites. We made use of the Drupal Features module to move configurations between sites, and Git for the code repository.

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