Drupal 7 has over 10,000 contributed modules, of which nearly a third help enhance the end user experience in one way or another, including social media integration, subscriptions, voting applications, and much more. We've worked with hundreds of these modules, including a majority of the popular ones, so we're able to configure and customize many of them with relative ease.

Below are just a few of the many examples where we enhanced user experiences through the use of contributed Drupal modules and/or custom code:

  • Notifications/Subscriptions: this framework allows site visitors to subscribe to individual pages or content by type, author, or tag. So whether you have a product download page that gets updated regularly, a new products section, a famous blogger, or an audience or category tag, a visitor may subscribe to it.
  • Social bookmarking: another method to spread the word about a great blog or product review is through social bookmarking. Any type of content may be configured to provide social bookmarking tags. 
  • Feeds: virtually any data view (listing of related content) may be turned into a newsreader feed with a few extra button clicks. This allows your site visitors to capture news and events (for example) with their favorite news reader. Perhaps even more importantly, it allows a safe method to exchange data with 3rd-party sites.
  • Embedded media: from embedded Youtube® videos to a photo gallery to streaming tweets, embedding and displaying rich media on a properly designed Drupal site becomes even easier than whistling Dixie. 
  • Polls and voting: what better way to capture the site visitor's attention while gathering feedback than by allowing the democratic process to take it's place via voting and polling widgets?
  • User forums: Drupal has dozens of modules that work beautifully together to provide a user forum that rivals many of the dedicated forum platforms. Drupal may also be configured to work seamlessly with a dedicated forum, so either way, you're covered.
  • Customer portals and intranets: often it's desirable to have a dedicated area of the website or even a separate site that acts as an intranet or customer portal where privileged users may log in to view items that you don't wish the general public to have access to. Drupal was architected to easily combine multiple sites together that run off shared code and/or theme, and/or database. 

The list goes on to include glossary of terms, FAQs, voting mechanisms, technical support forms, and so on. You get the idea. 

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