Website Support & Maintenance Services

We keep your website secure, updated and running efficiently.


We understand keeping a website secure, optimized and running effectively is crucial to the continued success of your business or organization.  Our team serves as a dedicated extension of your web team and will help you proactively stay ahead with regular maintenance updates, and repairs so you can stay focused on your organization.  

Expert Drupal Suport & Maintenance

Our expert team of seasoned Drupal developers will keep you informed and perform the needed updates on your base application system. We understand that you might not have the technical expertise in-house, especially in a time of emergency,  and we are here to back you up. We offer tiered plans for Drupal support and website protection. 


Webdrips’ provides core system updates, support, and uptime monitoring for malware or vulnerable plugins for your WordPress site. We cover your basic services such as daily plugins, theme and WordPress Core updates backups and round the clock site restore.  We'll get your website speed optimized and performing at its peak. 

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Marketing Content Management Support
Marketing & Content Management Support

Webdrips always empowers our clients to be autonomous and maintain control of their web content through expertly architected sites that are easy to use, reusable components, comprehensive training, and support. However, for times when you need us to step in and take care of your marketing content needs, we provide our fully managed services and take care of  your content, from brand strategy, content messaging to updating  your everyday content.

Support Web Services - Maintain, Optimize, Perform

Security Audit

Complete website security audit, including website penetration testing, server security audit and best practices review.

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If you are not running the latest versions of Drupal, or are currently running custom code, we'll perform the everything necessary to keep your site updated and secure. 

  • Version checks for codebase
  • Custom code review for potential vulnerabilities such as forms, cross-site scripting (XSS) etc
  • Shopping cart and credit card processing, review your site for PCI compliance and other regulations, identify and fix security issues specific to eCommerce 
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Maintenance & Uptime

Ensure your site remains up-to-date and functioning efficiently with regular maintenance and support. It is important for many sectors such as government, medical and higher education to get critical information to their users at all times through their website.  

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We offer a full range of maintenance services including performance monitoring and tuning, upkeep, automatic backups, emergency support and version upgrades. 

  • Ongoing maintenance for application patches and version updates.
  • Base application support including software updates, bug and security fixes, monitoring, and administration.
  • Custom web application support including application updates, application monitoring, and administration.
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Performance Review

Page load time impacts conversation rates which is critical to your business. We'll identify the performance issues that are causing your site to be sluggish and optimize for performance. 

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A site audit can uncover the source of the performance degradations. Some common issues are related to insufficient resources, misconfigurations, and even your hosting provider plan. 

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IT Services

We understand your team doesn't always have a full time IT department or you might need some additional IT support. We serve as an extension of your technical team. Let our team of IT experts take care of your technical needs.  

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Server configuration, software installation, deployment to production, troubleshooting, scalability, upgrades, troubleshooting, bug fixes, high availability. 

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Feature Enhancements & Development

Improve your user experience and improve conversion rates by  enhancing your website's existing features adding new functionality. 

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Unused hours for maintenance packages can be used towards work on your feature enhancements or new functionality. 

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Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile devices accounts for more than 55% of website visits. Mobile responsiveness is crucial to the success of your website and ensuring your users. 

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With a mobile website audit, we identify which pages and assets of your website are not responsive and work with you to come up with a plan to render your site mobile friendly.

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Accessibility Compliance

Open doors with digital accessibility compliance.  We have a team of dedicated professionals who have a passion for creating engaging and inclusive websites.

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WCAG accessibility guidelines 

ADA section 508 accessibility compliance

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To fully support our clients website needs, we provide an ecosystem of web services including hosting, consultation and IT services.

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We can work with you to align on your website’s hosting needs and provide dedicated monitoring and maintenance on your hosting platform.

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CMS Training

Content management systems can be challenging and not always intuitive which could lead to very frustrating exchanges with your CMS.

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We believe in providing our clients the proper tools and knowledge to manage their website with ease and expertise, from content updates, creating landing pages or content governance.

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We offer flexible Drupal and WordPress security and maintenance pricing options. 

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Gain Peace of Mind Knowing your Site is Secure

Webdrips is a team of Drupal and WordPress ninjas. We offer comprehensive website support, maintenance, and protection. Protect your website today by scheduling a complimentary consultation. Through our website security tests, we can discovery security threats and vulnerabilities, and get problems resolved the same day in most cases. 

Schedule A Free Basic Security Review

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