Automated content display (data surfacing) implies data is entered in one place, but may displayed in many others automatically. For example, professors teach classes and are typically associated with one or more departments, publications, and so on. Wouldn't it be nice if a link to that professor's bio page was automatically displayed with any page they're associated with? Drupal is exceptionally well suited for data surfacing and displaying related content.

Relationship-based Content Surfacing

With Drupal, automated data surfacing can be done many different ways, most of which are straightforward to implement. Once implemented, content editors typically need only select an item from a dropdown or autocomplete list to create the reference. After the reference is in place, virtually anything associated with the referenced content may be surfaced with ease.

For example, suppose you wish to display the professor's photo on all news articles written by that person. Not a problem with Drupal: simply select the professor's name when creating the news article and Drupal takes care of the rest (displaying the image linked to the professor in the proper size and position in this case). How about a directory listing with the professor's names, photos, and contact information? Again, this is a snap with Drupal, and this example can be completely automated, with no content editor involvement required past creating the professors' bio pages.  

Automated Menus

Often times, it's desirable to create context-sensitive menus that are only displayed on pages associated with a given section of the site or a particular "type" of content (e.g. a news article). With Drupal, this task is generally pretty simple straightforward. There are even methods to generate menus on-the-fly as content is created, reducing or even eliminating the overhead and errors associated with adding/editing menus.

Geo-Sensitive Content

As with just about everything else in Drupal, dozens of methods exist to display content based on a user's location. The most common example of this is geo-sensitive advertisements. Whatever your geo-sensitive data may be, we'll help find methods to display it based on user locations.


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