Could you double your business if your website supported Chinese? We can configure your site to display in over 100 languages, and even support automated language translation.

Drupal understands the importance of displaying sites in different languages enough that it supports content translation out of box. Drupal is also simply amazing when it comes to the number of different ways to share things. Thus you could either have content in multiple languages on the same site or you can have a dedicated site that uses shared code and/or shared database tables. Either method dramatically reduces the overhead of maintaining multiple sites in different languages.

Drupal also integrates with the popular on-line automated translation tools in case you want to provide instant translation of publicly visible content. We've had the pleasure of providing relatively complex fully automated translations, and highly encourage you to get in touch if your business could benefit from being translated.

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SpringSource Corporate Translated to German Design
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Supermicro Reseller Portal Migrations , Design

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