What is Drupal and why use it?

What is Drupal?

Easy, Open-Source & Powerful Content Management System for Websites

Drupal is the leading free open-source Content Management System (CMS), and is used to create beautiful digital experiences that reach your audience across multiple channels and platforms. More simply put, Drupal is a tool used to create and manage websites using an intuitive user interface, and it's packed with features to help you achieve that goal. 

From complex global enterprise websites to simple brochure sites, Drupal 8 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use CMS with a well-designed authoring environment that includes page layout capabilities. 

We've found Drupal 8 extremely easy to use, and we've created a demo site that you can test drive for yourself

Drupal 8 was released over three years ago with over 200 new features (and many more since). The new features offer benefits to all your website stakeholders. It provides a significantly better authoring environment, is much quicker to set up, and provides nice improvements for site builders and developers. These improvements equate to a better visitor user experience.

Do any of the following easily with Drupal 8:

  1. Change a Page Layout
  2. Manage content creation with an agile-like workflow on the production site
  3. Easily translate pages and other assets (including the Drupal authoring environment) into other languages
  4. Use the built-in media ecosystem to manage and use your media assets
  5. Add/edit content using the beautiful new authoring environment
  6. Interact with countless applications using the REST-first native web services
  7. Create mobile-first pages to improve your mobile page ranks
  8. Use progressive front/backend decoupling to break free from typical backend restrictions without sacrificing security or accessibility.
  9. Render pages much faster with improved caching, CDN integration, and reverse proxies.

Get Access To Our Drupal 8 Demo Site

Drupal 7/8 provides over 42,000 contributed modules and counting. Nearly a third of these modules help enhance the end user experience in one way or another, including social media integration, subscriptions, voting applications, and much more. We've worked with thousands of these modules, including a majority of the popular ones, so we're able to configure and customize many of them with relative ease.

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There are nearly 3,000 Drupal themes available just on drupal.org, and many many more free and license-based themes themes available elsewhere. If you're looking to beautify your website with a new theme, we highly recommend our Drupal theme partner Envato Market (a.k.a. Themeforest). 

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Drupal is powered by an incredibly large and gifted community of nearly 115,000 active contributors, and a security team with more than 30 members. Many Drupal contributed projects are sponsored by companies large and small.

The Drupal community is very strong
Numbers courtesy of drupal.org


Drupal 8 is extremely flexible, incredibly powerful, and highly scalable. Use it to publish a single website or share content across devices and languages. It's an essential cog in your digital marketing and customer journey ecosystem.  

Drupal provides your marketing team a platform to add and edit website content with ease. It's exceptionally great for lead generation, eCommerce or form conversions, brand proliferation, and creating powerful digital marketing workflows. 

Drupal 8 provides a beautiful and easy-to-use authoring environment with built-in layout and editing capabilities. Test drive it today using our Drupal 8 demo site.

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