Drupal has several plug-in modules to help boost search rankings, and Webdrips has worked with most of them. There's even a SEO checklist tool to help maximize your site's rankings. If you're site doesn't have SEO-based modules, your missing out on simple but effective tools to boost your search rankings. 

Drupal 7 boosted SEO in a big way with RDF integration (see below), providing some Semantic Web (or by some people's definition "Web 3.0") compliance. Drupal also includes other SEO features out of box, and there's literally dozens of contributed modules. Therefore we believe Drupal is the best CMS for SEO, and think you will to should you decide to research it.

When we take on a new project, we'll make sure to discuss SEO and its importance to your success in detail during the discovery phase. Even if SEO is not at the top of your list, often times it may be boosted (and automated) with very little design effort. We also realize that on-site SEO tools are only half the battle, and can help you form a gameplan to increase your site's rankings.

If you have an exiting website that could use a ranking boost, please reach out to us.

About RDF

RDF is a W3C standard for modeling and sharing distributed knowledge based on a decentralized open-world assumption. Any knowledge about content can be decomposed into triples (3-tuples) consisting of subject, predicate, and object; essentially, RDF is the lowest common denominator for exchanging data between systems.

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