Whether you're starting with a napkin or a Photoshop document, or simply wish to give your site a face-lift, we can help. Perhaps you wish to apply the latest in CSS3 or HTML5 technology, improve SEO and Accessibility, or your company just got bought and you need the new company color scheme pronto. Whatever the reason, whether you're already using Drupal or not, we'll help you get there.

As of April, 2015, Webdrips.com underwent a major facelift, including an improved mobile interface. If you like what you see, please get in touch for a free estimate.

In Drupal parlance, theming implies applying a desired look/feel (or skin) to a website. The theme is separated from the code that drives the functionality. and may therefore be modified or swapped with another theme without affecting overall site function. 

In order to achieve the desired look/feel, we'll sit down with you and discuss all the desired layouts and what type of content lives in each region (section) of a given page. We'll be sure to cover the importance of responsive (mobile-ready) design, and how it applies to your website.

We'll also discuss if you'd like fluid versus fixed layout, accessibility, SEO, and dynamic behaviors such as drop-down menus, and the menu system as a whole. Lastly, we'll cover an often overlooked element of theming (especially sites with multiple layouts): the use of tagging content to help drive layout and content automation.

Once all that's digested, we'll take your Photoshop document (or napkin) and our documentation and pick out one of the thousands of existing Drupal themes to modify. If you don't have a concept, we'll show you where to look for themes and work with you to pick one that's most suited to your needs. The idea is to find something that'll require the fewest modifications and tweaks.

We're very comfortable working with the most popular Drupal themes, such as (Twitter) Bootstrap, Omega, Zen, and Adaptive Theme to name a few.

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