At Webdrips, we understand that a website visitor's geological location can be very valuable to an organization, so we'll work with you to surface relevant geo-aware content that's most relevant to your users. Example uses of location-based data include the following:

  • Displaying location-sensitive content such as advertising and classes.  
  • Populating form fields automatically (whether the visitor sees the fields or they are hidden).
  • Providing a map and directions from the visitor's location.
  • Providing the location of your closest branch.
  • Gathering statistics about what cities, states, countries, etc. visit your site.

Drupal has modules to assist with these tasks and many others, and works well with 3rd-party databases for looking up user locations based on their IP Address.

If you'd like to add any of the above to your site or have another use of geo data you'd like to have implemented, please contact us.

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