Webdrips Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager Strategy and Planning Services

Through our discovery process, we work with client teams and stakeholders to establish business priorities.  Our Digital Strategy will help you to envision digital technology as a growth strategy to improve business performance. Our goal is to empower you to drive value from your website.

We provide a plan and course of action to help you conceptualize your ideas, focus on a direction, plan your tasks and implement it across your organization. We listen to you, get to know your team, and learn your business needs.

  • Identify current strengths and areas to be improved
  • Identify Business Objectives/Mission/Vision
  • Clarify Website Objectives
  • Industry and Audience Research
  • Define Goals & KPIs
  • Recommend site setup or improvements
  • Project team, tasks, requirements and roadmap.

Technical Consulting

We can also extend open source application to fit your needs. Our project architecture team will help to establish your project's business process specifications, functional specifications, feature details and requirements. We will also establish the project's development platform and framework, server or cloud hosting, security software and many other technical elements of your project.

  • Technical Audit
  • Systems Analysis
  • Proposed Solutions

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