Webdrips Adobe Experience Manager Application Integrations

We can extend the power your CMS across your business through Drupal and Adobe libraries for external apps and add-ons. 

AEM Integrations with third party tools

Webdrips is a reliable partner for Adobe Experience Manager integrations with third party systems for email, CRM, eCommerce, marketing automation, social networking and analytics.  These integrations make it possible for marketers to efficiently create and run campaigns across multiple channels. 

  • Amazon SNS connection - Amazon web services
  • BrightEdge Content Optimizer - content optimized for search
  • ExactTarget - email marketing
  • Facebook Connect - social networking
  • Generic Analytics Snippet - analytics
  • Microsoft Translator or other machine translation providers
  • Pushwoosh Connection - Apps - push notifications
  • Salesforce - sales and CRM software 
  • Silverpop Engage - marketing automation, email, mobile, and social
  • Twitter - social networking
  • YouTube - video sharing
  • Hybis
  • Marketo

AEM Integrations with Marketing Cloud

Our team can help you seamless integrate your Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Marketing Cloud tools including Target, Adobe Analytics, Campaign and Audience Manager. 


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